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A mobile spa offering affordable and accessible premium wellness treatments to every family

“The Lord has done great things for our family, and we are filled with joy” - Ps126:3

Before I became a mother, I was a career woman reaping the benefits of my successful online business. I was able to buy the things I wanted and more but, I was also constantly working at a very busy schedule. I had little time to share with my family and, even more, with my friends. When Bobby and I knew we were going to have a baby, I told myself that I have to do better.

I was fortunate enough to have a normal pregnancy. Everything was smooth sailing for us until, our little angel decided to rush his arrival earlier than expected. Having a preterm baby wasn’t easy. In fact, baby Ethan’s ordeal imposed a heavy financial burden on us. To keep him alive, Bobby had to double up his workload while I had to work overtime to make ends meet. We are also blessed and still extremely thankful to have a compassionate and supportive group of friends and family who helped us through those difficult times.

When the doctors gave us the go-signal to take our baby Ethan home, we just wanted to spend all our time looking after him. We were so grateful God provided him another chance at life. Every second became more and more meaningful together. We stopped treating our Family Time as a luxury and started making it a priority. This is the value Massage MNL was built on. We believe that regardless of your current condition, you have the right to spend quality time with your family in the best way you can.

Our services focus on the family, helping them enjoy their time together while taking care of each other’s wellbeing and happiness. We want to provide our clients the five-star experience at affordable prices because we believe that being taken care of is a necessity for all, and we bring special care and attention to pregnant women, aiding them during their most delicate times - our mothers, the heart of the home.

From our family to yours,
Janine, Bobby and Ethan <3


It is our desire to provide every home affordable and accessible premium wellness treatments to
make family care a fun and relaxing bonding experience.
We take pride in holding our therapists in high regard, treating them with the utmost respect and with
admiration for their work. As part of Massage MNL family, we aim to help them reach their goals
in life through good compensation with exciting employment benefits and providing them
platforms where they can improve their practice and learn new skills.


Massage MNL is the leading family-centered online-based wellness spa offering unique and
premium treatments at reasonable prices. We no longer maintain a successful business but
support a growing lifestyle focused on health and wellbeing.