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We are proud to announce that MassageMNL is once again the first home service massage company in the Philippines to offer Myofascial Release Massage!

Have you ever felt so drained after scrolling through social media? Sometimes we tend to feel pressured and end up comparing ourselves with what we see online. We hope some of these social media wellness practices that we are about to share will help you leave a smarter digital footprint that in turn will help you feel good about yourself.

There are a lot of pros of booking a MassageMNL service, like avoiding traffic and rushing to your appointment, which is the last thing you want because let’s face it, you booked a massage so you’d feel zen and relaxed. having a home service massage is not only convenient but you will also feel a deeper kind of relaxation since you don’t have anything to worry about. With that being said, we would like to share some etiquette tips you need to know before booking a MassageMNL appointment.

Most parents are juggling WFH (work- from-home) and caring for their children at the same time, which is not easy. Apparently, a noise-canceling headphone or being in the room is not enough to make your kids stay out of your way during your “office hours”. If you need some ideas and activities to keep the children busy, this post is for you.

There is no perfect way of parenting but these are some tips on how we can manage a better family as a modern-day mom.